About the Author


Amy Morton grew up in Montana and gave her life to Jesus when she was 5 years old. She moved with her family to California in her teen years where she met her husband. Amy wrote her first Christian poem called “Imagining Revelations” when she was 16 years old. It was published by Sparrow Grass Poetry Forum in 1993. Her mission is to serve God by inspiring people with truth that encourages and gives hope.



As a child Amy enjoyed riding her bike to the local Woolworth’s where her mother managed. She would sit on one of the diner’s spinning top chairs and sip hot chocolate with whipcream.




When Amy walked home from school she often visited the Pioneer Museum. She would stare at the exhibits and think up stories about the people that lived and animals that roamed the earth during those days. http://www.valleycountymuseum.com




Amy’s 1st book “A Wish and a Prayer” was inspired by the costume parties her mom use to throw her as a child. She is the ballerina in the middle of the photo on the right.

The Giver of Gifts and Light